Veterinary Evidence Goes Audio

Finding the main points and conclusions of a paper can be challenging and time consuming for busy clinicians, especially when you have a patient in your practice and want to know what the current best evidence relating to their condition is.

This is why we are introducing Audio Summaries of our popular Knowledge Summaries. These are 3-4 minute overviews of a Knowledge Summary or article. Recorded by the author, they will highlight the clinical findings and explain how the paper’s recommendations can be implemented in practice.

This free resource, brought to you by RCVS Knowledge, will make it quicker and easier for vets and vet nurses to access and digest relevant and up-to-date evidence; meaning it’s a time-saving way to make better, and quicker, evidence-based decisions.

The audio clips will be published in Veterinary Evidence with the full Knowledge Summary or article, as well as being accessible to our followers on iTunes and PodBean, our podcast channel.

Our first Audio Summary is on Louise Buckley’s paper ‘Are Dogs That Are Fed from a Raised Bowl at an Increased Risk of Gastric Dilation Volvulus Compared with Floor-Fed Dogs?’ which is now available to listen to and download.

Don’t forget that reading Knowledge Summaries and listening to the relevant Audio Summaries and podcasts counts towards your CPD. See more about what counts as CPD and how to log your activities here and here.

Don’t miss out – to get notifications of Audio Summaries when they become available you can follow us on PodBean, iTunes, Twitter and Facebook or sign up for content alerts on Veterinary Evidence.


Clinical Director, Vets Now UK

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