Prioritisation Project

Prioritisation project

It is RCVS Knowledge’s aim to promote and support an evidence based approach to Veterinary Medicine in the UK and internationally. Prioritisation Project

To help achieve this aim RCVS Knowledge introduced Knowledge Summaries, which encourage and assist in the development of Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM) by reviewing relevant and current literature. These are then submitted to our recently launched journal Veterinary Evidence.

A survey was introduced to help identify and prioritise which topics the Knowledge Summaries should cover. To help conduct this research RCVS Knowledge has been working with Crowe Associates Ltd and the EBVM network of over 900 practitioners, paraprofessionals and academics.

The survey aims to highlight the topics that veterinary professionals and others working in EBVM want addressed. So far we have received over 100 surveys, predominantly from Vets who have voiced their views on which topics they would like to see covered in Veterinary Evidence.

Their involvement will ultimately help in the development of EBVM by creating Knowledge Summaries that can be shared and put into practice by the veterinary community. We would love to see more from Veterinary Nurses, Academics and Animal Care professionals – so please get involved!

To voice your opinion visit and complete our survey here:

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