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Free library support for authors of Knowledge Summaries

If you are thinking about writing a Knowledge Summary but wondering how to identify and get hold of the full text of relevant articles on your chosen topic help is at hand!RCVS Knowledge Library staff

The Library & Information Services team will work with you to identify the key search terms for each element of your PICO question and then help you put them together into a search strategy. Once that is agreed we will run the search for you on CAB Abstracts and PubMed; the two databases that we ask authors of Knowledge Summaries to search.

Then when you have selected the relevant references from the search results we will help you get hold of the full text articles by giving you one month’s free access to our library member resources or sending copies of the papers to you – whichever you prefer.

So if you have got a question that you would like answering, or you have found one you would like to answer on our list of PICOs get in touch at clare@rcvsknowledge.org, we would love to hear from you.


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