Call for Livestock PICOs

Veterinary Evidence is working to offer quality content for the livestock veterinary community, but to do this we need your help!

From our Prioritisation Project we received PICOs covering five topics: equine, canine emergency, feline emergency, canine and feline. But we have had very few livestock questions submitted.

Please tell us what topics and questions you want covered within Veterinary Evidence. We will read all suggestions, and can help turn your question into a PICO format if you aren’t sure how to make one.

These livestock PICO questions will then be added to our PICO list and answered as Knowledge Summaries – adding to the knowledge base for clinicians to use in practice.

The purpose of the PICO list is to help potential authors pick a topic that they know will be of interest to their peers. So please tell us what evidence gaps you want filled!

What evidence gaps have you come across in practice? What clinical questions do you urgently need the answer to?

Please send your topics and questions to the Managing Editor:

How to Build a PICO

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