Guest blog: Polish Veterinary Surgeons and the RCVS post World War II

My name is Lisa Matson and I am a student at King’s College London in the MA Modern History program. As part of my course, I spent the spring interning at RCVS Knowledge. I have been reading and organizing a collection of documents from the years following World War II relating to Polish veterinary surgeons […]

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Equal Pay for Equal Work – Part 2

The final instalment of Julie Hipperson’s piece to mark International Women’s Day. The last post looked at how in its early days the SWVS was conflicted about adopting whole-sale the notion of equal pay for equal work based on their physical ability to do the job, an ambiguity beautifully encapsulated in an interview held with […]

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Equal Pay for Equal Work – Part 1

Part one of two guest blog posts from Julie Hipperson, PhD student at Imperial College London. In February 1943, the Council of the SWVS were not surprised when their attention was alerted to the fact that the Veterinary Record was carrying adverts which offered different salaries for men and women.  The issue of equal pay […]