• Clinical reasoning in veterinary practice 21st May 2020
    Clinical reasoning is the process by which veterinary surgeons integrate a multitude of clinical and contextual factors to make decisions about the diagnoses, treatment options and prognoses of their patients. The brain utilises two methods to achieve this: type one and type two reasoning. Type one relies on shortcuts such as pattern-recognition and heuristics to […]
    Claire Elaine Kirsty Vinten
  • Is TTA better than lateral suture in small dogs with cruciate disease? 13th May 2020
    PICO question In dogs weighing under 15 kg with unilateral cranial cruciate ligament disease, does tibial tuberosity advancement lead to better long-term functional outcomes than lateral fabellar suture?   Clinical bottom line Category of research question Treatment The number and type of study designs reviewed There were no papers that answered the PICO question Strength […]
    Tafara Mapuvire