• Does the Use of Intratesticular Blocks in Dogs Undergoing Orchiectomies Serve as an Effective Adjunctive Analgesic? 10th December 2018
    PICO questionIn dogs undergoing orchiectomy, does the use of intratesticular blocks reduce the pain in patients compared to not using intratesticular blocks?Clinical bottom lineLow level of evidence suggests that when compared to a pre-medication with pure-µ agonist opioids, intratesticular blocks do not appear to provide significant benefit.  However, based on our clinical scenario where pre-medication […]
    Erik Davis Fausak
  • Percutaneous Drainage in the Management of Urethral Blockages in Cats 20th November 2018
    PICO questionIn adult male cats with a urethra blockage, is indwelling catheterisation more effective than percutaneous drainage in reducing the incidence of recurrence?Clinical bottom lineBased on the available literature, it would appear that recurrence rates following percutaneous drainage are broadly similar to those managed with indwelling catheterisation. However, the level of evidence supporting the use […]
    David Haine