• In dogs undergoing elective procedures is medetomidine superior to acepromazine when used as a premedication? 2nd December 2020
    PICO question In dogs undergoing elective procedures does the use of medetomidine during premedication result in an increase in anaesthetic complication rates, when compared to acepromazine?   Clinical bottom line Category of research question Treatment The number and type of study designs reviewed Four papers were critically reviewed, all of which were randomised controlled trials […]
    Rebecca Littlehales
  • Does the use of topical honey result in a faster rate of second intention wound healing in dogs? 25th November 2020
    PICO question In healthy dogs undergoing open wound management, does the topical application of honey, when compared to wounds treated with daily saline washes only, reduce the time to complete wound healing?   Editorial notice: Upon conducting the literature search for this Knowledge Summary the author discovered that the same paper had been published in two separate […]
    Louisa Marcombes


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