• Comparison of 0.2 Mg/kg Vs. 1.0 Mg/kg of Oral Meloxicam for Safe and Effective Analgesia in Domestic Rabbits 21st June 2019
    PICO questionIn domestic rabbits, how does 1 mg/kg of oral meloxicam compare with 0.2 mg/kg of oral meloxicam for significant changes in pain behaviour, and kidney and liver biochemical analytes?Clinical bottom lineBased on current available evidence, oral meloxicam at a dosage of 0.2 mg/kg daily when used as the sole analgesic does not provide adequate […]
    Katherine Nield
  • The Use of Ultrasonography for Detection of Meniscal Damage in Dogs 11th June 2019
    PICO questionIn dogs, what is the sensitivity and specificity of using ultrasound as a diagnostic test to identify meniscal damage?Clinical bottom line Although there are limited studies assessing the accuracy of ultrasound for detecting meniscal damage, it appears to be a potentially useful diagnostic test with reported sensitivity varying from 82–95% and specificity from 82–93% […]
    Peter Coss