• Outcome of Electrosurgery Versus Scalpel Blade for Intestinal Incisions in Dogs 14th August 2019
    PICO questionIn dogs that undergo intestinal surgery, does the use of monopolar electrosurgery for intestinal incisions increase the risk of dehiscence when compared to a scalpel blade?Clinical bottom lineCurrently there are two experimental in vivo studies comparing electrosurgery with scalpel blade intestinal incisions in dogs, one in cats and one in pigs. In dogs and […]
    Emmanouil Tzimtzimis
  • Comparing Rest Alone to Bandaging and Rest in Horses With Superficial Digital Flexor Tendinopathy 6th August 2019
    PICO questionIn horses with superficial digital flexor tendonitis is bandaging and rest compared to rest alone more effective at promoting healing?Clinical bottom lineThere is currently a lack of scientific evidence to suggest that bandaging promotes effective tendon healing following injury. However, rigid bandages significantly limit lesion propagation in equine superficial digital flexor (SDF) tendinopathies. The result […]
    Rafael Alzola