• Does Pet Remedy reduce stress in dogs? 16th September 2019
    PICO question In stressed dogs, does using a Pet Remedy diffuser, compared to not using one, result in lowered stress levels? Clinical bottom line Three studies were reviewed, two that investigated Pet Remedy and one that investigated Valerian (an active ingredient in Pet Remedy) on aspects of canine behaviour associated with stress. The highest quality […]
    Louise Anne Buckley
  • In Dogs With Chronic Enteropathies, Can Oral B12 Tablets Be Used to Treat Hypocobalaminaemia? 30th August 2019
    PICO question In dogs with chronic enteropathy does treatment with oral cobalamin compared to parenteral cobalamin provide serum cobalamin levels greater than 270 ng/L? Clinical bottom line The evidence provided by block randomised controlled clinical trials indicates that oral dosing of cobalamin results in normocobalaminaemia, with levels similar to that achieved with parenteral dosing. These […]
    Avril McGinn